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5 Best Jogging Strollers & Reviews of 2017

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When you want to get into shape after the pregnancy, or you simply want to endorse a very healthy lifestyle when you have your baby, involving a jogging stroller will definitely help you out. It ensures that your baby will be able to get the hell the vitamin D from the sunlight while at the same time you would be able to follow your exercise routine Best Travel System Strollers.

The best part about a jogging stroller is that unlike the traditional one, it would be able to keep your baby comfortable while at the same time you will be able to jog properly in all kinds of surfaces. Since the invention of the jogging stroller in the year 1983, they have been the preferred mode of taking care of your baby while you are conducting a fitness routine. However, it is important for you to choose the best kind of jogging stroller or else it could turn out to be expensive, and it is an excess that will not be able to suit the lifestyle that you are leading. So, what are the things that you can do to find out the best jogging strollers in 2017 check How to clean Baby stroller.


BOB_2016_Revolution_PRO_Jogging_StrollerChicco_TRE_Performance_Jogging _StrollerThule_Urban_Glide_Jogging_StrolleBaby_Jogger_Summit_Single_StrollerBaby_Trend_Expedition_Jogger_Stroller
BOB 2016 Revolution Pro Jogging Stroller
Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller
Thule Urban Glide
Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Single Jogging Stroller
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller
25.4 x 44 x 43 in
33.75 x 25.5 x 47.5 in
34.5 x 14 x 21 in
38.2 x 46 x 41.5 in
21 x 47 x 41 in
30.5 lbs
34.5 lbs
23 lbs
32.2 lbs
28.7 lbs
Price: $$
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Best Jogging Strollers – Buying Guide 2017

Due to the different types of jogging strollers in the market, choosing one can prove to be a very big issue. You would need to choose something that can go with the features you are looking out for when at the same time will be able to fit into your lifestyle as well as your goals for exercise.

Best Travel System Strollers

For most of the parents, it means that they would need to be extremely honest with themselves and find out the current speed at which they are running. There should be no transgression in purchasing the jogging strollers only to find out that it does not to your capabilities. Therefore, if you happen to be jogging at least once a week, then you would more than likely invest in purchasing a jogging stroller that is good to look at and mildly comfortable than the high-end model, costing you a lot of money.

Things for you to look out for:

Front wheel:

The front wheel of the best jogging strollers are either fixed, or it contains a swivel front which will be able to turn the way in different directions. Most of the jogging strollers come with this mechanism so that when you happen to be jogging, you would be able to ensure that you can start tracking in a straight line and do not start going off in different directions when it comes across loose debris. The other aspect of the front wheel is that when it is locked, it would also create problems when you need to accidentally take a sharp done in order to avoid any damage.However, it has also been witnessed in the multiple products that going for the front swivel wheel could actually be beneficial if you’re looking to jog on various surfaces. It can provide you with the flexibility and enable you to undertake a lot of outdoor activities on the go.

Adjustable tracking:

The single most important feature other than the front wheel will be the adjustable tracking. It is one of the best ways for you to keep track in a straight line, so when the jogging stroller pulls into one direction, while you are running into a surface, the adjustable mechanism will ensure that it moves in a straight line. This way, you will be able to regularly jog without any kind of issues whatsoever. The absence of an adjustable tracking ensures that you would have a pretty hard time maintaining a straight line when you are jogging. Almost all the best jogging strollers in 2017 have an adjustable tracking in them. Undertaking manual correction on each and every jogging trip will take away a lot of energy on your part which will cause overall fatigue that you should not be dealing with. Running becomes less enjoyable when you have to do so constantly.

Adjustable handlebars:

Jogging is a unisex activity and therefore is something that men and women can undertake with their baby. However, it is also to be noted that the average height for women in America is 5’5 inches while a male has an average height of 5’10 inches. So, for the stroller companies, they would need to ensure that everybody has the chance of taking the jogging stroller out for a run with their baby without having to complicate their running style. Any kind of compromises on the running will not only create a lot of pressure on the body but will also make the experience unbearable after a certain period of time. This is the reason why most of the jogging strollers have adjustable handlebars. This way, the people will be able to adjust the height of the handlebars according to their own height, ensuring that they can always find it in a comfortable position. What this also ensures is that anybody has the capability of using the jogging stroller, thereby increasing its longevity for the entire family.


It is very important for jogging strollers to have wonderful suspensions. When people are jogging through uneven surfaces, it is important for the baby to remain safe and secure. Most of the joggers would try and wear efficient footwear that has some type of shock absorption, but that same thing cannot be found in the wheels of the jogging strollers. This is the reason why the jogging strollers of today come with excellent suspensions that not only create a smooth ride for the baby but also ensures that you do not need to worry about the safety and security of the baby while you are running in full flow.

Size of the wheels:

The size of the wheels also plays a very important role in ensuring that you would have a wonderful jogging experience along with the safety of your baby. If you are going to start jogging in sidewalks and the pavements along with the shopping centers, then having 12-inch wheels will definitely be more than suitable for your needs. If you’re jogging tends to go for concrete and off-road use, then having 16-inch wheels will do you a whole lot of good. However, if you’re looking to start jogging on uneven surfaces and loose sand, then going for the 20-inch wheels would be the best thing.


Brakes are very important, particularly when you’re looking to relax or simply grab a drink after you finish your jogging. Applying the brakes ensure that you would prevent your jogging stroller from rolling down and causing serious concerns for the baby. Most of the jogging strollers of today come with the parking brake which is to be used by your foot. In other jogging strollers, you come with the handbrake which is more or less like the ones you find in your bikes. If you’re looking for a double jogging stroller, then going for a handbrake is the best decision. It not only has a lot of braking power but is also extremely effective in the long run.

Proper seating:

The comfort of the baby when purchasing the jogging stroller is paramount. Therefore, you need proper seating features that will not only help the baby remain comfortable but also well within the comfortable arena that you have set aside for the baby. In some jogging strollers, you would find seat padding which comes with washable covers in order to provide appropriate comfort and effective maintenance to the parents. Some of the seeds that you can find in the cheap strollers have a lot more unwanted materials that are not comfortable for the baby.

There are also some seats that come with the safety harness in order to keep the baby strapped under all conditions, particularly during a very bumpy jogging experience. With this harness, the baby will be able to remain strapped at all times, without making the baby uncomfortable. It also provides excessive comfort when the strapping comes with some kind of padding. Also, most of the seating for high-end jogging strollers consist of reclining seats that not only enable the baby to remain comfortable, but they will also be able to reduce the impact of the shock on their body. It is because while reclining, the seat will be able to offer a greater surface area, ensuring that the baby need not feel uncomfortable.


In most of the jogging strollers of today, you would find different accessories like cup holders, built-in speakers, odometers and also mobile chargers. Some of these features are extremely essential, like having the car seat adapter for the babies that are under the age of eight months. However, some are also excessive like bright coloring and sticker in the body of the jogging stroller. It ends up costing you a lot more and does not contribute anything to the quality of the jogging stroller in question. Therefore, not going for such strollers will definitely do you a whole lot of good on the economic front. The other feature that you find in most of the jogging strollers is an aerodynamic design that will be able to keep jogging to a bare minimum. Most of the accessories introduced in the jogging strollers of 2017 does not have any problems in its use, and therefore is amongst one of the best things that you could possibly purchase for the safety of your baby.

Here are some of the Best Jogging Strollers in 2017:


1. BOB 2016 Revolution Pro Jogging Stroller


The Revolution Pro from BOB is amongst one of the most versatile jogging strollers that you can find in the market. With front swivel wheels, as well as hand activated drum brakes, you would be able to get excellent control over your jogging while over uneven surfaces. The suspension system is also state-of-the-art; therefore it will be able to provide the perfect fit for the parents that like to undertake outdoors jogging activities with their children. It is ideal for children that weight up to 75 pounds.


  • The product comes with hand-activated rear drum brakes in order to provide excellence in downhill control.
  • The swivel front wheel ensures that the parents will be able to maneuver the jogging strollers through any kind of narrow or small passage when jogging.
  • It has padded handlebars so as to provide perfect grip to the parents. The handlebars can also be adjusted according to the height.
  • Suspension system the state of the art which offers for 3 inches of support plans that would be ideal for the baby.
  • It can be easily folded and kept in a small storage area without the need for any maintenance whatsoever.

2. Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller :


Chicco_TRE_Performance_Jogging _Stroller

The Chicco TRE Jogging stroller is similar to any kind of jogging strollers that are high-end that you can find on the market in 2017. It puts you in control over all the action going on with the jogging stroller with the help of the control console. It also contains a hand activated swivel lock to ensure that the front wheels do not create problems for you. It also has a parking brake as well as height adjustable handlebars in order to help you jog properly and without any kind of inconvenience.


  • It comes with an integrated removable arm bar.
  • The child seat can be easily removed in order to create a frame carrier during a time frame of six months.
  • The model comes with pneumatic tires and has 12 inches in the front and 16 inches in the back in terms of wheels.
  • It has a parking brake which is hand activated and also consists of a deceleration brake in order to provide excellent control on the speed. There is also a foot brake to ensure that you would be able to catch up on your hydration after you finish jogging.
  • The push handle can be adjusted according to the height.

3. Thule Urban Glide :


The Thule Urban Glide is a wonderful product to have that not only encourages you to undertake all your jogging activities but with its sleek and a wonderful lightweight design, it makes it perfect for your urban life mobility. You will be able to easily jog around with your baby in tandem with the use of this product.


  • It contains a swivel front wheel so that it can be easily maneuvered through the narrow spaces and passages. There is also a swivel lock in place for your jogging needs.
  • The handlebar has been designed keeping in mind the different height ranges of parents, making it height adjustable.
  • You can easily turn this jogging stroller into a travel system as the car seat adapter is sold separately.
  • The seats are padded and can be easily declined from a flat position without any issues whatsoever.
  • It has a carrying weight capacity of 75 pounds.
  • The compact fold ensures that it is extremely easy for storage and transportation.

4. Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Single Jogging Stroller :


With the baby jogger 2016, you would be able to go anywhere at a lightning fast pace without having to worry about any issues. It comes with the all-wheel suspension as well as tires which has been certified as all-terrain. So, not only would you be able to enjoy your daily jogging experience, but you would be able to go wherever you want without having to worry about the safety of your child.


  • It has a patented quick folding technology which will enable you to for your stroller with a single hand.
  • It has a 3 wheel capability whereby the rear wheel 16 inches and the front wheel is 12 inches that can be locked and the handlebar can also be undertaken for easy conversions whenever necessary.
  • The suspension system is all we, and can easily soak up any kind of road bumps making it the perfect stroller.
  • The rear brakes at hand operated, providing more control over uneven terrain.
  • The sun canopy is large and easily adjustable.

5. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller:


The Expedition Jogger is not only large but also a product that you would want to have by your side in case you goes out jogging with your baby in the uneven terrain. It is extremely large and contains air-filled bicycle tires that are ideal for the situation. A larger child would be easily fitted in this jogging stroller, and therefore it makes it extremely easy for you to conduct your jogging activity without problems.


  • The jogging stroller contains larger bicycle tires which makes it effortless for you to move on all surfaces.
  • The front swivel wheel has been introduced for easy maneuverability.
  • It has a padded seat which can be easily declined and comes with safety harness in place.
  • It also contains cup holders and convenient parent and child trays.
  • It can be easily folded and stored away.

Final Words :

It is always important for you to consider the safety of your children when purchasing the best jogging strollers. You need to make sure it has good maneuverability, while at the same time does not cost you a lot more than your original, intended estimate. However, if you are into serious jogging, it is very important for you to invest the money in the high-end stroller that is not only good in terms of performance but also more than willing to provide appropriate safety for your child.

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