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5 Stroller Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

In today’s market, the variety of features that strollers offer are practically endless, which is why MybabyOnWheels is here with an article on five stroller features that will make your life easier.

Being a parent can be a very tiresome thing, so when a product comes by that eases your work, for parent’s, it is the next best thing to heaven. Strollers are no exception to the case. Whether you already own a stroller or if you are planning to buy a new one, make sure you check the five features listed below:

1. Safety


As a parent, the number one priority while buying a stroller should be the safety of the child. While most of the safety features are mandatory and products are in line with the country’s standards, parents need to make sure that they understand these features fully.
All strollers should have proper restraints that keep the child secure and safe. A five-point restraint that includes a shoulder strap, waist strap, and crotch strap is the best safety measure.

A tether strap is quintessential to avoid the stroller to get away from your hands. You can also consider a stroller that brakes by itself as you take your hands off of it.

2. Adjustable handles


An adjustable handle is a must-have feature on the stroller. The main reasons to consider buying a stroller with an adjustable handle is that in most cases, the heights of the two parents vary and having a handle that you can adjust can ease the effort on parts of both the parents. The varying degrees of the handle can personalize the stroller for each user.

3. Storage space under the stroller


Using an item to the best of its potential always gives the best output to the user. This one feature is handy if you have to a carry a lot of stuff around with you at the same time, keeping your hands free, and on the stroller. You will not need more space in your bag, as this will provide you with ample of space. So that you can carry the important stuff that matters to your child the most, which may include his favorite teddy bear.

4. Drinks and accessory holders

Having an extra access to a couple of cup holders can never hurt anyone, be it in the car or the stroller.  You can always keep your beverage and the milk or water for the child handy with these holders.

If not in use, then you can also use them for all of your accessories like watches and wallets. It ensures that neither you nor the child ever stays thirsty while outside.

5. Universal Stroller Frame


With the help of a universal frame, you can transfer your baby directly from the car to your stroller without any hassle.

The car seat for the baby clips on to the stroller so that you have an inline attachment. Not only does this ease your work, but it’s also very efficient and a budget-friendly option for both the infant car seat and the stroller.

We hope that you consider these five features before your next purchase. These will indefinitely make your life easier as a parent.
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