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How to choose the best stroller for your baby ?

Let’s face it, there is nothing known as the perfect best stroller that you can find on the market. Although it may be the best stroller, it is not something that you would find at the top of the shelf. However, there is nothing to state that you can find the perfect stroller for your needs.

The proper thing to understand is that you need to match the functionality of the stroller to the kind of challenges that you would face. You have to know the difference between what is a good stroller and a bad stroller, and the kind of functionality that is needed for you to travel with your child without coming across any problems.

So, what is the reason why there is no perfect stroller?

When the stroller is heavy, they have a lot more longevity, can smoothly glide through the surface, and will also be able to handle the bumpy terrains much better. However, they also tend to be pretty cumbersome, particularly in the narrow aisles and are not able to fit into the small trunks or even in a narrow flight of stairs. The light strollers are pretty easy to be transported, and can also be carried and lifted across the store and a flight of stairs. However, when you go off-roading with your child, they are pretty unstable. Therefore, as a parent, what you need is a stroller that is all-purpose, and has a good compromise between the heavy and the lightweight, and can be used for different situations.

What is the kind of budget that you have set aside for a stroller?

As a first-time parent, you can get the shock of your life when you look at the prices of a baby stroller. Most of the people think that expensive strollers would cost only about $ 200 while in reality; it is more like $ 800 and more. However, the average of such strollers normally comes to around $ 400. It also depends on the quality of the stroller as well as which category it belongs to. Of course, your friends and family would goad you into purchasing one that is extremely fancy. However, should you spend an excessive amount of money on a product that does not warrant the expenditure?

Going for the lightweight strollers ensure that you can get them pretty is cheap with the average being around $ 200. These are the cheapest range of strollers in the market, and you can easily use them to navigate through the urban landscape, without creating any issues for yourself.

If you go for the jogging strollers, which are big and heavy, you would have to shell out around $ 800 or more. So, should you go for these kinds of strollers? Well, you have to understand that people purchasing jogging strollers normally motivate themselves by jogging, whereby they are conducting exercises while taking their child out. In a different way, exercising is a priceless activity and therefore most people are willing to spend that money on a jogging stroller.

Do you plan to have another baby within a couple of years?

One important thing for you to consider when purchasing a stroller is whether you are looking to have another baby within a couple of years from the first one. If that is the case, then purchasing a double stroller would be the right choice instead of the single variant. Many families purchase the biggest stroller and end up regretting their decision of not going for the double stroller. As a child, sibling jealousy is extremely hazardous, and it is, therefore, necessary, for you as a parent, to prevent it from happening. This is the reason why having a double stroller prevents all those prejudices from creeping into your parenting abilities.

For parents that like outdoor activities:

If you are outdoorsy and prefer to spend your time outdoors with your child, then you need to purchase the heavy stroller. This is primarily due to the fact that when you have travel plans, especially going on a plane trip, using a travel stroller ensures that you have a lot of space for your child, while at the same time it is sturdy enough to undertake the wear and tear of traveling.

If you love going to the shopping mall or places that require traveling with your child, then using the heavy strollers will definitely do you a whole lot of good. You would also get the umbrella strollers, which are ideal for those that live in the urbanized areas.

For the parents that prefer indoors:

If you as a parent prefer the indoors, then you need to go for the small, lightweight strollers that you need not carry around with you for a long period of time. Moreover, since you are seldom traveling, spending a lot of money on travel strollers would not be a good thing for you.

Amount of space in your house for the stroller:

If the stroller is going to make its place in a small space in your house or even in the trunk of the car, then you need a stroller that is lightweight and will be able to fit within that space. However, if space is not a constraint, then you can go for the large strollers, provided that there is ample functionality for using it.

Go for an adjustable handlebar: – As a parent, if you happen to be extremely tall or short, having the adjustable handlebar will make it much easier for you to comfortably push your child in the stroller. That way, you will be able to enjoy walking around or jogging in the” it did to your child without having to worry about the nagging issue of the handlebars.


As a parent, you realize that purchasing a stroller is by no means, an easy feat. However, it is not rocket science. Purchasing your stroller can be easily done by undertaking proper research before you commit to a purchase.

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